AirVPN Review

AirVPN may be a tech-focused hosting company known for the transparency, reasonable prices, and focus on privacy. It’s a good choice for the purpose of power users, but its REGARDED may be as well intimidating for newbies.

The company provides a solid blog page and online community, and it’s a well-liked option on Reddit. It also offers a free trial for prospective customers.

AirVPN’s internet site is well-organized, with internet pages for features, servers and prices. There’s also a precise technical specs webpage that includes low-level information like security types and standards, dock availability, DNS server facts (AirVPN offers its own) and obtain IPs for every server.

Unlike some other VPNs, which usually rely on distributed exit IP addresses, AirVPN allows you to require a dedicated IP treat as part of a custom plan. Nevertheless , the company shouldn’t explain just what this entails.

There’s no day-to-day live chat available, but the support email address is extremely responsive and offers helpful information concerning a variety of topics.

The desktop app, named Eddie for some reason, doesn’t have the friendliest USER INTERFACE, but it does offer plenty of advanced settings and customization options. It’s certainly not the easiest to understand for novices, but it really works well when visit this website you get it build.

The company has got apps just for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android, and also support for your wide range of routers including DD-WRT, Tomato, AsusWRT and pfSense. You can down load the applications directly from the site and also sideload them on Google android devices.

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